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Secret Identity: unknown
Status: ACTIVE
Agility: 16 Intelligence: 30
Strength: 16 Endurance: 16
Charisma: 18 Persuasiveness: ??
Combat Stats
Basic Hits: 4 HP: 28 PP: 78
DetHidden: 22% DetDanger: 26%
AccMod DmgMod H-T-H Dmg
Dimensional TravelCan travel to other dimensions
Dimensional ViewingWorks like Cosmic Awareness. She looks at close by dimensions inside her cloak
Dimensional GrabbinCan bring items from dimensional closet through cloak.
ShapeshiftCan change into anything while maintaining mass
Heightened Intelligence+12
TeleportationPower x 1,000,000,000" PR=10 Operates as Portal via cloak.
None known

First Appearance: May 28, 2005



Victorine is a human female about 5'2" tall and weighing approximately 150 pounds. It is unclear what she really looks like, since she has completely shapeshifted her appearance many times. She has been seen most often as a muscled woman with long blonde hair wearing a black cloak attached to a black panther victorine. She has also been seen wearing a motley collection of historic and futuristic armor and weapons.



Her origin is unknown at this time.

Meaning of the Name

Victorine is the formal name of the cloak made out of a trophy kill. For example, Heracles' lion cloak was a victorine.

Victorine was the name of a model for Manet and the mistress of the Duke de Lyon in 1860's Paris. At that time a fur tippet worn by women became known as a Victorine.

System 4ce

She appeared on the Firehawk on the one year anniversary of the Twin Towers Bombing. The other members of System 4ce seemed to already know her. She was introduced as a new member of System 4ce during the press conference.

Known Abilities

Dimensional travel and viewing through her cloak.

Shapeshifting, she has been seen to shift into other humanoid appearances. No one has seen her change into an inanimate object.

Group Affiliations

System 4ce

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