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Let me share some thoughts with you about this enterprise of yours:

I see two major categories of information; Story supplements that are useful for casual reading or in-game reference and can be thought of as "in-character" for the game, and Rules supplements that are ... rules. Stuff characters shouldn't mention, but players and GMs argue over. Rules and Story supplements may appear on the same page and I'd like to have some way for a visitor to quickly pick one out from the other.

Frankly, I'm amazed that we don't have more formatting control over this whole thing. It'd be nice to have some colored backgrounds here.

That all seems reasonable, though I wonder just how likely Rules and Story really are to need to appear on the same page. I really don't see much potential overlap unless we wanted to include detailed commentary about how specific rules apply to specific characters.

I think that's what I'm talking about. I know there's a need to call out rules changes for both Psion and the PsiPlane ... certainly there are similar needs elsewhere.

--Dwayne 10:08, 15 June 2009 (EDT): I didn't technically start a page for Crack of Doom, I just did a disambiguation page for the three instances of "Doom": CoD, Anastasia, and Victor von Doom. The last is one that _you_ should look in to reconciling with the System Four/4ce timeline, Leon...

--Leon 23:35, 15 June 2009 (EDT): Oh, I'm trying very hard to avoid referencing ANY copyrighted/trademarked characters outside of our little fiefdom.

--Dwayne 00:05, 16 June 2009 (EDT): Then you may wish to edit the Adventurers of Ambler/America page Villains section accordingly, and delete said reference from the Doom (disambiguation) page as well.

--Leon 06:05, 16 June 2009 (EDT): I'm just reluctant to go into detail on any of those guys. Mentioning them obliquely is one thing, but we need to work out a solid policy for them if we're going to incorporate data that isn't ours. Personally, I'd just rather avoid getting involved.

System 4ce Organization Chart and List of Facilities and Holdings

I'm curious about what System 4ce looks like to the outside world after reading the blurb about I wrote about the Firehawk's science services, where I said "... Call now for details and to arrange for a science support specialist to meet with your expert team." A neat throw-away, but I'm the sort of person who enjoys immersive verisimilitude.

So, how many science support specialists do we have? Where do they work? Surely they're not all employed on the Firehawk ... I imagine our resources and facilities are somewhat diversified. Do we have facilities in Philadelphia and/or New York? London? Rome? Cairo? Has System 4ce partnered with other organizations to support scientific inquiry around the planet? For example, consider AGAPE ... as already established, they conduct authentic research into paranormal phenomena in people. I can imagine the Austin Grey persona disengaging somewhat from the facility (as necessitated by long absences) and turning it over to System 4ce as an adjunct facility. Perhaps renaming it something trendy and new-agey like "Aspen Grove" to preserve a connection with its initials. If we were to do this, the facility might be relocated to an upscale neighborhood and identified as "Aspen Grove -- Academy for Psionic Enquiry" or whatever, with "A System 4ce Associate" in fine print.

Thus, I imagine the world dotted with System 4ce facilities, associations, and partnerships. Structures spread around the globe, Gerry-Anderson-esque, with requirements for all sorts of personnel dedicated to meeting the mundane and bureaucratic demands of System 4ce's services. Bureaucratic demands?! Do we employ lobbyists, too?! At the very least, we've got someone employed or retained to market our brand and make us look good.

While we're the final word in what System 4ce does as a business, do we retain a CEO whose job is to see that we remain profitable and continue to advance the goals of our organization?

By the way, what are the goals of our organization. Certainly I've been pushing it toward advancing science and technology, but we also beat up super-villains and save the planet from meteor strikes, so how is that defined? Is there a System 4ce charter somewhere? A mission statement? Do we all go away to yearly retreats for team-building exercises? The distracted mind reels!

AGAPE is an established entity on whose assets System 4ce can draw as desired. As it is Psion's creation, he's free to tweak it as he sees fit subject to GM approval.

There has been some sort of System 4ce "back office" at least since 1993 or so, set up by Mindy and Anastasia after the disbanding of the FSAB deprived the group of government logistical support. That would encompass basic office management, bookkeeping, and human resources. There's no senior management of that outside of the members of System 4ce, unless they should choose to hire one (the high or heightened intelligence of many members of the group should make them more than capable).

The group has retained the firm of Saul Ewing as outside legal counsel, when needed, since the days of System Four.

Some sort of investment management firm has presumably been retained since System Four's oil fire windfall, but has never been specifically named. That firm might have the teams investments placed with multiple brokers in a fairly conservative, income generating posture -- The fairly high incidence of Heightened Intelligence among group members implies that one or more of them could be managing its investment portfolio, but no one has ever demonstrated an interest.

I look forward to the response to Psion's proposing a mission statement and team-building exercises. --Dwayne

Site Technology

We're now using MediaWiki 1.19.2. Note that the preferred method of updating can be confusing. It is best to unarc the latest MediaWiki software to a parallel directory, move localsettings.php, and the extensions and images directories to the new directory, then re-name directories so the new wiki stands in place of the old. Do NOT move the skins directory, as that causes all kinds of errors and head-scratching.

Note that I've changed the default skin from MonoBook to Vector, which is MediaWiki's intended replacement to modernize MonoBook. --PsiSop (talk) 06:56, 13 October 2012 (EDT)

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