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Anastasia Doom







Mindy Westerberg






The Adaptor

Captain Firehawk


Volume I — A Heap of Dust Alone Remains (1994, published 1993-1995)

System Four returns to Earth, and unites with its female replacements to form System 4ce, and battle "The Rutabega" and its Men In Black minions

Special Issue — Prologue: 4saken (1989, published 2001)

What really happened to the Adventurers at Tau Ceti

Volume II — System 4ce: Un4seen (1996, 2001-2002, published 2001-2003)

System 4ce vs. Dr. Medusa's attempted apotheosis

Volume III — System 4ce: 4sworn (2005 - 2006, published 2009 - 2013)

Session One:

A year after the destruction of the World Trade Center, the incident remains unresolved. System 4ce begins its investigation of the circumstances and soon finds itself in London pursuing the wicked Flaming Skull.

Session Two:

After foiling the heist of priceless artifacts in London, System 4ce is lured back to the United States as a second explosive device is found in New Orleans.

Session Three:

System 4ce follows various leads regarding the New Orleans bomb and British Museum robbery. Galax continues his long stakeout of the Crystal Skull, and experiences a strange vision. A distress call from Arizona draws the team's newest members to a fateful confrontation with some formidable foes...

Session Four:

Battle swirls above and around the Nogales Border Patrol Vault, with occasional detours to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the Kuiper Belt, while Psion explores time and space, discovering an ominous mystery...

Session Five:

The team follows up on information gathered by Psion and encounters an unexpected pest.

Session Six:

The Vela Incident, 7/7, and The Auteur introduces himself.

Session Seven:

Some fruitful research, before a grand tour of local planets in search of clues about the Algolians and the mysterious spacial anomaly climaxes in a bloodcurdling visit to Algol itself!

Session Eight:

Returning from Algol, the team investigates a deadly attempted jailbreak on Rikers Island. Psion deploys a Warp Bomb against the mysterious spacial anomaly (and the galaxy manages to survive). More terrorist bombs in London see a repeat engagement by The Auteur, a look through his viewfinder, and a chat with an Algolian.

Session Nine:

The day after the Warp Bomb. Shockwave's memories. Various investigations, including Leibniz and the Amber Room. Invasion of the Nazi Zombies.

Session Ten:

The Team descends into the Berlin Bunker and encounters Desecrator, the Flaming Skull, and Archdeacon Hellfrost. The recovered von Ditfurth notes lead to Amber Room pieces stored in an old copper mine and guarded with chlorine trifluoride "booby traps". More von Ditfurth notes are recovered in Poland, and the whole picture begins to resolve. Data recovered from the alien computer core indicates escape pod crashes in Bouvet Island and Antarctica. The Team proceeds to Antarctica and encounters a colony of Bugs.

Session Eleven

The Team negotiates with the Mantoids in Antarctica, providing them with supplies, but finding them not quite willing to explain all they might know about the threat behind the Saturn-Uranus anomaly. Interrogation of Archdeacon Hellfrost leads the Team to his hideout in an abandoned Detroit hotel, where they find themselves outmatched in an encounter with the Man with Green Gloves.

Session Twelve

A trip to Bouvet Island discovers only a single dead Mantoid. While the Team gets to better know its alien liaison "Dave", he frustrates them by remaining tight-mandibled regarding their "doom". After beginning reconstruction of a 1/5 scale mock-up of the Amber Room, the team is kept busy providing disaster relief after Hurricane Katrina. A pair of US government representatives request a meeting to get System 4ce's take on the evidence of Iraqi WMDs that Secretary of State Powell plans to present to the UN. During the meeting, the Team learns that the pair are fronting for a mysterious "Mr. Trent" at the NSA.

Session Thirteen

System 4ce thwarts an attack on an amber warehouse in Gdansk, fighting Karybdis, Soul Catcher, and Shee-Ariel to a standstill, and again disabling, but not capturing, Desecrator. After knocking out Whipsaw, they prevent the theft of a large quantity of amber via one of Soul Catcher's dimensional portals, using a PsiCorder to track the terminus of the portal to a North Korean skyscraper. The team travels to Pyongyang, catching the villains by surprise, and after a pitched but brief fight manages to capture Shee-Ariel and Karybdis.

Session Fourteen

System 4ce finally assembles the Amber Room, but repeated experiments fail to determine what its use might be. Psion telepathically contacts the physically neutralized Karybdis, but she spurns contact. Menacing events in the Middle East inspire the group to seek evidence of WMD development in Iraq, but they find no "smoking gun". Discussion of possible lying/conspiracy within the US government leads to a discussion of whether the group might take action against it, and why more superheroes or villains haven't attempted such actions over the years. Zap and Shockwave successively infiltrate NSA headquarters, but decide against extensive eavesdropping or revealing themselves to the mysterious Mr. Trent. Psion tests the Amber Room, and is trapped by The Auteur, who demands that he exchange the Amber Room for the life of either Sybil or Captain Firehawk. Psion refuses to bargain, but after four years trapped in limbo makes a choice to return home, seemingly an hour before he left...

Session Fifteen

System 4ce meets with Dave in an attempt to locate another group of "mantoids". Psion chats with Karybdis and learns that The Auteur has been trying to direct the villains as well as the heroes. He confronts the team again, and escapes their attacks while dropping the Firehawk into a Persian Gulf Battle. The group attempts to thwart The Auteur by boring him with inaction, but experiences a mysterious vision that deposits them off the sinister island of Maria Laxara.

Session Sixteen

System 4ce infiltrates the secret prison on Maria Laxara, but is captured. Ultimately escaping with the help of Sybil, who saves Perdition in a deadly confrontation with Desecrator. Psion confronts missing superhero Starstrike, who is among the jailors, convincing him to turn against the Man with Green Gloves. Disabling a nuclear self-destruct, the team escapes with the prison's inmates to face an uncertain future as war breaks out in the Middle East.

Session Seventeen

System 4ce rescues the Maria Laxara inmates, and tries to figure out who they are. Shockwave accuses Psion of betrayal for participating in secret government surveillance. The group is filled in by Anastasia on their missing 5½ months, and by Sybil on her 16 missing years. The team battles mantoids in Iraq, while Dave convinces one of them to rejoin his group. Zap infiltrates NSA headquarters and secures evidence of a nefarious and long-running conspiracy.


Standard Superhero Communicator

The XTS Firehawk

Psion's PsiPlane and PsiCorder.

Victorine's flight ring and power bands.

Blue Magic

Sweet Sixteen

Related Organizations

Adventurers of America

American Patrol

System Four

Kondor 4ce

Known Adversaries

The Flaming Skull



Fleur du Mal

Doctor Medusa


Soul Catcher

Archdeacon Hellfrost


The Auteur

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