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Psionportrait.jpg Psisymbol.png

Secret Identity: unknown
Status: ACTIVE
Agility: 15 Intelligence: 57
Strength: 10 Endurance: 15
Charisma: 15 Persuasiveness: 16
Combat Stats
Basic Hits: 4 HP: 30 PP: 97
DetHidden: 40% DetDanger: 44%
AccMod DmgMod H-T-H Dmg
TransformationYields other abilities.
AdaptationComfortable in any environment.
Invulnerability14 points.
Regeneration1.6 HP/Turn
Wings(Int/Agility) / 2 * Sprint = 163.63mph, 720ipt, 48ips)
Telepathy2,850' radius
PsionicsTreat as magic spells. 6 Esper Points (EP) per level.
PsiBoltVibratory Attack, 4d4 damage, +4 training to hit.
Heightened Intelligence+39
Mind GrabSee Separate Rules
Mental RevivificationUsed once with Kylara to revive dead Galax
Tele-RegenerationHeals others with Psion's Regeneration power. Touch required.
Combat Telepathy+2 to hit or -2 to be hit against intelligent adversary
PsiPlane R&DSee Separate Rules
SuppressionTelepathically confuses the use of powers by vulnerable opponents.
Psionium AvatarsTelepresence and augmented reality with specific psi-technology.
InnocuityTelepathically prevents notice by nearby sentient organisms.
Italicized powers are additions via Psionics.
Forcefield attacks score double damage and ignore invulnerability.
Telepathy-based powers ineffective against non-sentients.

First Appearance: August, 1984



Psion is a humanoid male 6 feet tall and weighing approximately 180 pounds. He prefers to hide his identity with the use of a helmet and variably-tinted visor. His distinguishing physical characteristic is a pair of wasp-shaped ethereal wings that change color with his mood and intensity with his overall power. He typically wears a gray jumper as a costume, although he maintains a varied wardrobe for special occasions.



After years of using meditation to explore altered states of consciousness, Psion learned to adjust the physical properties of his mind and body, conforming them to his will.


At first, Psion tried to use his abilities to win money via gambling, but his wings immediately identified him as paranormal and no casino let him gamble for long before asking him to leave. Some simply refused him entrance. He also attempted to offer his services as a telepath to various government organizations, but their interest in his personal identity and background bothered him and he looked elsewhere for career opportunities. Now aware of the need for anonymity, he created the pseudonym "Austin Grey" and, using that name, offered his services to local, private detective agencies as a psychic consultant. They paid him well to work with difficult clients or cases, but the unfulfilling job exposed the young telepath to shades of human psyche that disturbed him. Gradually, he decided that the Adventurers of Ambler, a group of supers who operated in Philadelphia and eastern Montgomery counties, might have a use for his skills, but he loathed their colorful costumes and headline-grabbing behavior.

Psion first approached the team via Pulse and Metatherm in early August, 1984 and asked to join their organization. Although wary of the newcomer, they invited him to come along on a simple mission where he performed well enough to win an offer to join their team. Psion did so cautiously, while also maintaining his involvement with the detective agencies for several more months.

Adventurers of Ambler/America

Psion officially considers his involvement with the Adventurers of Ambler to have formalized when the group responded to an attack on a nuclear power plant in late November, 1984. During this mission, Metatherm died defending the plant and Psion decided that in spite of the risks, the group performed a needed task and could use his services. At this point, he severed ties with other agencies and found the team's leader, Captain Firehawk, to be an excellent mentor.

In time, Psion's skills and confidence in his colleagues grew, although he often despaired of their uncoordinated approach to vigilantism. He attempted to instill a sense of organization by training new recruits, but found that those who join super hero organizations not only prized their individualism, but often exhibited iconoclastic behavior. After Captain Firehawk and his wife Dare Angel retired, much of the team's focus was lost. They fell under the influence of shadowy United Nations organizations and became the Adventurers of America. And while they had more money and better publicity than before, Psion felt they'd lost their moral center when Firehawk left the business. He was particularly suspicious of Ahn Wan Su, the team's liason with the U.N. whom Psion suspected of measuring the team with controlled introductions to new villains.

After the death of his favorite protégé in fall of 1988, Psion withdrew from the organization to investigate the circumstances of her unsolved murder. The case, and its emotional baggage, proved too taxing and resulted in a nervous breakdown that left him unable to use his powers. When the rest of the active Adventurers left to investigate a distress call from Tau Ceti and never returned, Psion despaired that his weakness only contributed to their loss.

With rest, his powers eventually returned, and the telepath began construction of a personal spacecraft powered by his unique psionic abilities.

System Four

Captain Firehawk called on Psion late one night in April, 1989. Since the loss of the Adventurers, the city of Philadelphia had slid backwards. Not only were crimes by supers on the rise, general crime rates had gone up. Firehawk felt Philadelphia needed a new team of heroes to step up and fix the problem. Psion was more interested in finishing his vehicle and leaving to investigate the disappearance of the Adventurers, but his conscience couldn't stand the risk of Firehawk facing such a dangerous challenge alone.

The decision was almost the undoing of both he and Firehawk, after an encounter with the witch Shee-Ariel left both men turned into frogs, but the chance arrival of Cestus and The Adaptor saved them from croaking. Together, the men founded System Four.

Picking up threads from his efforts to train inductees to the Adventurers, Psion resurrected his old identity of Austin Grey. Aware that those with unusual abilities almost invariably drifted to extreme fringes of civilized society, becoming villains or vigilantes, Psion sought to instill a sense of normalcy and purpose in those who exhibited strong psychic talents. He was also curious about how psychic powers manifested in other people and needed a controlled environment in which to study the phenomenon. Within a few weeks, he had put together the funding to renovate a studio in the city to house the Austin Grey Academy for Psionic Education. A small staff of low-level psychics, scientists, and trained educators were recruited to help young psychics cope with their abilities, study them, and with their help enhance understanding of a force that Psion believed was the underpinning of all powers and perhaps reality itself.

Psion spent the rest of his free time developing a psychically-powered space vehicle tuned to his abilities. He custom-built a variety of mechanisms and systems used on the craft, which he christened the PsiPlane and began a series of in-atmosphere and low-earth orbit tests, but was frequently interrupted by more routine demands such as those required to fight combat super-villains.

Raazin, Klingons, space vampires of Algol, and cosmophages ... a new purpose.

System 4ce

Known Abilities








Psionic Extensions

Over time, Psion's core abilities have been supplemented by a suite of extensions as the telepath continues to refine his self-definition.

  • PsiBolt: a projected field of instability. Vibratory attack, 4d4 damage. Two levels of accuracy training.
  • Heightened Intelligence
  • Mind-Grab: Upon touch, Psion can draw the mind of an opponent into an artificial reality of his creation.
  • Tele-Regeneration: The application of Psion's regeneration power to an injured subject.
  • Suppression: Use telepathy to interfere with an opponent's powers.
  • Innocuity: There's nothing interesting here. Move along.

Inventions and Discoveries


Athena Computer System



Psionium Avatars

Psi-dust Detectors

Group Affiliations

Adventurers of Ambler

Adventurers of America

System Four

System 4ce

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