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====[[October 15, 2011 | Session Thirteen]]====
====[[October 15, 2011 | Session Thirteen]]====
System 4ce drives thwarts an attack on an amber warehouse in Gdansk, and pursues their foes to their North Korean lair.
System 4ce thwarts an attack on an amber warehouse in Gdansk, and pursues their foes to their North Korean lair.
====[[September 24, 2011 | Session Twelve]]====
====[[September 24, 2011 | Session Twelve]]====

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[edit] Upcoming Events:

[edit] Posting of Summary for Final, February 2, 2013 Session: ???

[edit] Recent Events:

[edit] Session Seventeen

System 4ce rescues the Maria Laxara inmates, and tries to figure out who they are. Shockwave accuses Psion of betrayal for participating in secret government surveillance. The group is filled in by Anastasia on their missing 5½ months, and by Sybil on her 16 missing years. The team battles mantoids in Iraq, while Dave convinces one of them to rejoin his group. Zap infiltrates NSA headquarters and secures evidence of a nefarious and long-running conspiracy.

[edit] Session Sixteen

System 4ce infiltrates the secret prison on Maria Laxara, only to themselves become inmates! After five lost months, they break out with the help of Sybil, who saves Perdition in a deadly confrontation with Desecrator. Psion confronts missing superhero Starstrike, who is among the jailors, convincing him to turn against the Man with Green Gloves. Disabling a nuclear self-destruct, the team escapes with the prison's inmates to face an uncertain future as war breaks out in the Middle East.

[edit] Session Fifteen

System 4ce meets with Dave in an attempt to locate another group of "mantoids", and again confronts The Auteur, who escapes while dropping the Firehawk into a Persian Gulf Battle. The group attempts to thwart The Auteur by boring him with inaction, but experiences a mysterious vision that deposits them off the sinister island of Maria Laxara.

[edit] Session Fourteen

System 4ce experiments with Amber Room, disassembles Karybdis, and infiltrates the NSA, but decides against saying "Hi". Psion tests the Amber Room, and is trapped by The Auteur. Psion refuses to bargain, but is forced into a choice...

[edit] Session Thirteen

System 4ce thwarts an attack on an amber warehouse in Gdansk, and pursues their foes to their North Korean lair.

[edit] Session Twelve

A search for more Mantoids on Bouvet Island! Hurricane Katrina relief! Government officials inquire about WMD evidence! And the team decides that when reconstructing the Amber Room, it's best to start small...

[edit] Earlier Sessions

Earlier sessions of this and other adventures can be found under the entry for System 4ce.

And feel free to pitch in!

[edit] The Official System 4ce Information Wiki


System 4ce. The international organization dedicated to research, rescue, and defense against paranormal, superhuman, and extraterrestrial threats. Originally founded by surviving members of the Adventurers of America, System 4ce personnel bravely stand between the worst dangers of the universe and the peaceful people of Earth.

Within these pages, the inspiration, history, challenges, and triumphs of this remarkable team are laid bare for the first time. Candid images, and compelling text bring to life not only the incredible adventures of the planet's greatest defenders for the last thirty years, but also their tender, private moments never shared before with the public. Not just the heroes themselves, but the entire universe of System 4ce personnel, technology, and procedures.

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[edit] NEWS


August, 2017 The Kickstarter for the 3rd edition of V&V -- known as Mighty Protectors -- has successfully concluded, albeit a bit behind schedule. We're leaning toward using these new rules for the next System 4ce campaign, but familiarizing ourselves with the new system is likely to take awhile. The hope is for that to pay off in terms of more streamlined play. Expect discussion and comparative summaries here on the Wiki!

March 18th, 2013 Jeff Dee and Jack Herman have apparently prevailed in their fight for control of the rights to V&V. Whether that paves the way for a new edition of the game any time soon remains to be seen.

October 13th, 2012: Migrations to the new server here at Psidonia are nearly complete. The Sys4Wiki is now updated to latest PHP, MySQL, and MediaWiki software and the databases are once again functional. Make updates with bold confidence!

August 5th, 2011: Villains and Vigilantes creators sue Scott Bizar in an effort to wrest trademarks and distribution rights from the Fantasy Games Unlimited founder. Jeff Dee and Jack Herman claim their distribution contract was only with FGU, which was dissolved in 1991, but Bizar has continued to claim rights to the game.

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Background on the strange "Space Nazi" bedfellows of System Four -- the Höhenschar

And ...

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