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At the time of its construction in the mid-1980s, the One Liberty Place office tower received a federal government subsidy to
One Liberty Place
include certain features on its top four floors (reinforced floors, enhanced power and communications connections, NBC-protected HVAC, and an altered service core to maximize unobstructed hangar space) which would permit its use as a superhero headquarters. The site appears to have originally been intended by the FSAB as a backup facility to the Adventurers of Ambler/America facility under Philadelphia's City Hall, useable in the event of the destruction of City Hall or as an annex/replacement should the Adventurers outgrow their old home. When the Adventurers disappeared in 1989, and Firehawk and Psion emerged from retirement, the FSAB exercised its option on the floors and fitted them out as the official headquarters for System Four. In that capacity, they were generally refered to simply as "Liberty" or "Liberty One".

A major supervillain attack struck Liberty within a few months of its opening. The fatal explosion of the supervillain Hazmat damaged the hangar space and radiologically contaminated it. This was repaired at FSAB expense within a few months, but legal action by Rouse and Associates ensued, seeking compensation for reduced rents and increased insurance costs in the wake of the attack.

Liberty lay idle for most of 1990-1991, while System Four was engaged in investigation and conflict across multiple dimensions. However its administrative staff continued to manage the business and public relations of System Four. It was briefly used, with the staff's permission, by the Philadelphia Fire Department to coordinate firefighting efforts at One Meridian Plaza.

In 1991, Liberty was the site of brief combat between an Algolian-possessed Starfire and the rest of System Four, which resulted in some light damage to the facility. System Four again departed for extra-dimensional activity in 1992.

In 1994, with System Four still missing, the shrinking FSAB did not renew its 5-year lease, and Liberty was officially closed. FSAB-supplied equipment was recovered, and equipment belonging to System Four itself was placed in storage at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. After some controversy over the expense of removing the PsiPlane by aerial crane, Anastasia Doom proved able to exert basic control over it telekinetically, and it moved to the Navy Yard under its own power. The renovated floors were taken over as office space by Cigna.


Liberty's dominant feature was a hangar space spanning much of the 60th and 61st floors. Originally intended to accomodate a VTOL tranport of the type used by New York's Defenders, the facility housed the PsiPlane for most of its operational life. The headquarters' Control Room had state of the art audio-visual display technologies and telecommunications connections.

Liberty's security features were focused on intrusion detection (motion and thermal detectors, laser tripwires, and cameras in public areas) and system hardening -- certain interior systems were shielded with resin-reinforced or flexible Kevlar layers, and exterior curtain wall was of two-inch air-spaced ballistic Lexan. One security robot was provided for each floor. These provided flexible camera coverage and mobile fire extinguishers. Provision was made for fitting a 7.62mm FN MAG machine gun, but these were never actually deployed.

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