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Kondor 4ce is a special forces team that serves on board the XTS Firehawk providing shipboard security and special operations projection when force is required doesn't demand the presence of a super. The group is a highly-skilled team of normal and limited-super combatants drawn from the U.S. Marine Corps, former Soviet Naval Infantry, and fresh recruits trained by existing personnel. Although their duties are light, Kondor 4ce trains extensively and all personnel are prepared to face threats that range from minor disorderly conduct to stopping super-powered attacks. Most are pre-screened to select individuals with few outside ties and a strong commitment to duty. "I'm Kondor," is a statement of pride and a badge reserved for the best of the best.

Chain of Command

Kondor 4ce is administered by Anastasia Doom as part of her role as director of System 4ce security, but it is commanded by [to be determined]

Special Weapons and Equipment

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