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The Drake Building is a 32 story structure at 1512 Spruce St. in Philadelphia,
The Drake Building
that served as the headquarters of System Four and later System 4ce from 1994 to 1996.


Constructed as a luxury hotel in 1928-29, the Drake hosted primarily residential renters by 1994, when Mindy Westerberg and Anastasia Doom, seeking a new base of operations for System Four after its eviction from Liberty, acquired a lease on its unoccupied penthouse floors. Renovations of the space continued as new members Shockwave, Doppleganger, and Athena joined the group and began to actively operate as a superhero team. Soon after the original members of System Four returned to Earth and moved into the Drake, the headquarters floors sustained significant damage in a helicopter attack by minions of the supervillain Doctor Pestilence. This damage was not fully repaired until the newly renamed System 4ce relocated its headquarters to XTS Firehawk in 1996, whereupon the building as a whole was extensively repaired and remodeled into luxury condominiums by 1998.


Substantial System Four assets, including the PsiPlane, were housed in separately rented space at the Philadelphia Navy Yard during the group's residency at the Drake. Beyond the team's personal residences, the chief facilities at the Drake were a command center with extensive computer, communications, and multi-media presentation equipment, administrative offices, a press room, and a small laboratory maintained by Mindy Westerberg.

Headquarters security at the Drake included some system hardening -- chiefly curtains of flexible Kevlar reinforcing the native brick of the structure, and an independent backup power supply. A system of networked computers (an ancestor of the XTS Firehawk's Damage Control and Security Intranet) monitored and coordinated intrusion detection and hazard alarms.

Four special water cannon were deployed at the base of the building's cupola to provide defensive firepower for the facility while minimizing potential collateral damage to neighboring structures.

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