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Blue Magic (Höhenschar: Blau Zauberei) is a psychotropic compound described as a “pacification agent” of General Security Class Alpha by the Höhenschar RTG. It combines several complex programmed neurotrophic and neuroinhibitive factors with a channelrhodopsin-like component facilitating a light pulse-based trigger. A humanoid subject with sufficient Blue Magic activated in its neural systems displays a strong aversion to aggressive behavior, particularly violent conflict.

Blue Magic is believed to have been used in small-scale espionage applications by the Höhenschar intelligence services. The only employment of which System 4ce is aware, however, was a very large-scale application against indigenous insurgent forces on the planet β Bechtel IV. Both Cestus and Starfire were apparently exposed to Blue Magic as a result of having consumed a small quantity of native food (specifically insect larvae dubbed “witchety grubs” by System Four), and experienced its effects when it was activated during their attack on a Höhenschar starport facility alongside some of the insurgents. Notably, Cestus and Starfire were able to continue harassing Höhenschar forces by means short of direct combat (specifically rendering a weapons depot useless by releasing a quantity of the persistent nerve agent “Autumn Mist”). Of further note, a combination of a heavy dose of adrenergic compounds and direct psychic stimulus by Psion was able to induce a berserk rage in Starfire that “burned off” some of the effects of the drug. Absent further study, it remains unknown whether these events demonstrated inherent limitations of Blue Magic’s effects, or whether those effects were diminished by the heroes’ limited exposure to the compound, or a degree of inherent biological resistance on their part.

System Four was able to replicate Blue Magic from samples collected from β Bechtel IV and from Cestus' and Starfire's tissues, but neither it nor System 4ce has conducted extensive tests or trials on the compound.

The willingness of the Höhenschar to deploy such a highly classified "secret weapon" on such an inherently secrecy-compromising scale is believed to be indicative of the critical strategic importance of β Bechtel IV and its agricultural products, as is the subsequent Dark Fold invasion of the planet.

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