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Secret Identity: Anastasia Doom
Status: ACTIVE
Agility: 30 Intelligence: 17
Strength: 10 Endurance: 39
Charisma: 17 Persuasiveness: 20
Combat Stats
Basic Hits: 3 HP: 56 PP: 96
DetHidden: 12% DetDanger: 16%
AccMod DmgMod H-T-H Dmg
Telekinesisper training costs no actions to activate on self or gun
Heightened Endurance+23
Body Power"Sixth Sense" 2x Detect Hidden, 3x Detect Danger
Heightened Expertise+4 with all weapons
TK speed operates per Magnetic Control rules
Farsightedness -- Penalties to reading & fine manipulation without corrective lenses.

First Appearance: March, 1992



Anastasia Doom is a humanoid female 5'4" tall and of slender build, likely weighing barely over 100lbs. She has fair skin, short black hair, and dark brown eyes. She bears more than a passing resemblance to actress Winona Ryder, though she often deflects such comparisons, claiming that the actress is far too skinny. Most observers find the distinction less than obvious. Anastasia is, by her own transtemporal chronology, about 7 years older than her twin in the System 4ce Universe, though she appears no older. It is believed that her superpowers may slow her physical aging.

Anastasia has suffered from hyperopia (far-sightedness) from an early age. She still sometimes uses a monocle to read, but when "in the field" usually wears advanced image processing glasses which incidentally compensate for this condition. She has several prosthetic teeth (permanent polyceramic implants) as a result of a combat injury.

Anastasia typically dresses in a black velour riding jacket and slacks, with a white ruffled blouse and black patent leather riding boots. The heels of these boots are retractable from a full extension of 4" as desired when running or in combat.


Anastasia Doom is not native to the System 4ce universe, having been born on an alternate Earth in what has come to be known as the "Dark Sentinels Universe". In that universe, the Adventurers of Ambler/America were unknown. Instead, a group known as the Sentinels emerged in Philadelphia in the early 1980s as superhuman defenders of justice and freedom. Anastasia was born October 31, 1987 to superhero Crack of Doom of the Sentinels and MTV VJ Martha Quinn, at the medical facility in the Sentinels' headquarters, Bastion, in Philadelphia.

The Martha Quinn of that timeline was gunned down in a convenience store holdup before Anastasia was a year old. No suspects were ever named (in spite of unsubstantiated rumors circulated that the Sentinels had secretly hunted down and dealt with the perpetrators themselves). Anastasia was raised mostly in Bastion, and educated by private tutors and the Sentinels themselves. Markedly intelligent from an early age, she began to take on some support and administrative tasks for the Sentinels by age 11, though by this time the Sentinels, concerned about her lack of outside social interactions, enrolled her in a private academy (though under an assumed name for reasons of security). Normal teenage emotional tensions were, of course, amplified by Anastasia's circumstances, and compounded when telekinetic powers began to manifest erratically.

At 16, soon after social stress (and some awkward unexplained incidents of violence) had driven her back to home schooling, she encountered System Four when their search for the cause of accelerated entropic effects threatening their universe brought them into hers. She developed something of a "crush" on The Adaptor as a fellow super from outside the Sentinels "family", and whose flippant sense of humor appealed to her own. Saddened by his too-soon departure, she felt nonetheless energized by the experience.

By 18, Anastasia's powers were usefully controllable, and she became an official member of the Sentinels. The nature of the threats the group faced, however, was changing. Supervillain activity only continued to diminish after the defeat of Mass Mind and his minions in the "SPIRIT" dimensional portal complex beneath Devil's Tower, WY, during System Four's visit. The Sentinels increasingly involved themselves in conventional law enforcement and international affairs. The group's domestic political influence increased. To more usefully employ her talents in this environment, Anastasia sought various forms of combat training, showing natural aptitude, and eventually completing the US Army Special Forces course. A "Green Beret" in all but name, Anastasia worked with special operations teams fighting revolutionary groups and drug kingpins in South America for several years, until serious injuries in the line of duty withdrew her from the field.

As the Sentinels sought to extend their global influence, Anastasia's training focused on more subtle forms of espionage, applied through the Sentinels' corporate adjunct "PEI" (Paragon Empyrean Inc.). She also served as a liaison to contacts and technological sources in a parallel dimension known as the Space Opera Universe, to which the Sentinels had access via SPIRIT until it rebelled at such uses and was quarantined. During this period she apparently received some education and training on an unofficial basis from elements of the Höhenschar scientific espionage bureau.

System Four returned to the Dark Sentinels Universe in its year 2014, just as the Sentinels were planning to initiate Operation: Morning Star, a plan to achieve global control via a surgical US military strike against the European Union. Anastasia romantically pursued the returned Adaptor, who at least somewhat reciprocated her interest, but also cultivated her as a source of information as System Four's suspicions regarding Morning Star grew. Anastasia, in fact, had some knowledge of the plan, though not of the Sentinels' intention to dispose of System Four as a potential obstacle by convincing them to enter a "Quantra Gate" dimensional portal opened by Sentinels member Threshold, trapping them in a hell-like realm for eternity. Rescued from the "Quantraverse" by SPIRIT, System Four, with the help of retired Sentinel Lord Corrack, and US President Michael J. Fox, were able to thwart Operation: Morning Star. Seeking a farewell meeting with Anastasia, System Four ended up in a showdown with the Sentinels at Laurel Hill Cemetery.

Feeling betrayed by both Adaptor and her father, and beginning to recognize what the Sentinels had become corrupted into, Anastasia stood out of the combat. Only when Crack of Doom, having critically weakened Adaptor with psychic depression attacks, was about to deliver a killing blow, did she intervene. A burst from her gyrojet pistol mortally wounded Crack of Doom, who managed to crawl away to die at his wife's grave.

System Four returned home via SPIRIT, while Anastasia wandered the globe for several years, bitter and directionless. When the Earth of the Dark Sentinels Universe was invaded by the Dark Fold, she complied only grudgingly when SPIRIT sent her to solicit aid from System Four, and did not accompany them on their mission. In their absence, however, Anastasia's emotional turmoil subsided somewhat. While the ills and corruption of her home world weighed on her as having been caused in some part by her actions and those of her extended family, the System Four universe closely resembled her own seemingly purer one of 20+ years past. Encountering a number of young superheroines rising to take up the cause of justice in System Four's absence furthered that general sense of rebirth. While she never reconciled with Adaptor, Anastasia has formed friendships of her own, idiosyncratic sort with most of the rest of System 4ce, and while she habitually shuns the limelight, she appears to consider herself a genuine member of the group. While she has occasionally used her long-time professional codename of 'Sonata', she maintains no real secret identity, and is known by her real name to friends and public alike.

Known Abilities

Telekinesis - Anastasia can telekineticly lift a gross weight of over 2,000lbs Developing her telekinetic abilities in concert with her training, Anastasia has developed a "TK body sense", which permits her to apply psychic force to augment her physical strength and speed, as well as fly at over 40 MPH. She has trained extensively in the application of her TK powers to lockpicking, and can effortlessly open most mechanical (key or combination) locks, as well as many electronic ones that are mechanically actuated. Anastasia's TK power, perhaps as a consequence of her "body sense" training, is somewhat compatible with the telepathic control interfaces of the PsiPlane, permitting her to control its movement and operate mechanical systems such as hatches and landing gear. She cannot interface with any of the PsiPlane's sensor systems, but can sense major physical interactions with the hull, such as attacks or collisions, as "jolts".

"Sixth Sense" - Anastasia has been observed to possess a "sixth sense" regarding imminent threats and hidden objects or foes. Some have theorized that this power may also derive from her TK field, but may also derive from other forces as well.

Heightened Expertise - A lifetime of special operations and martial arts training, the "TK body sense" mentioned above, and natural aptitude combine to make Anastasia proficient with essentially all melee and ranged weapons.

Anastasia also retains the range of other skills encompassed by military special operations training, including tracking, wilderness survival, demolitions, combat engineering, horseback riding, etc. She can fly small fixed and rotary wing aircraft, and is a competent keyboard player.

Anastasia speaks French, Spanish, Russian, German, and the Höhenschar, Federal, and Dark Fold languages of the Space Opera Universe, fluently and with near-native accents. This education was achieved via advanced RNA-assisted neurolinguistic programming techniques that PEI imported from the Space Opera Universe. She also has conventionally acquired, phrasebook-level understanding of Arabic, Mandarin, Portugese, Swahili, Hindi, and Indonesian.


Anastasia generally carries multiple weapons at all times. A Sykes Fairbairn pattern commando knife (usually carried in an ankle or back sheath) and compact gyrojet pistol (carried in a sleeve holster from which it can be telekineticly deployed to her hand) are her standard arms. The pistol, of Space Opera Universe origin, holds a ready magazine of 7 rounds of 9mm HCF (Hypergolic Core, Frangible) ammunition. These rounds are scored to fragment on impact, and contain cells of highly corrosive pure hydrogen peroxide and hydrazine that react explosively when mixed. Anastasia usually carries a separate 30 round extended magazine for this weapon in her jacket.

In addition to her standard kit, Anastasia draws upon a sizable personal collection of firearms and other weaponry as mission requirements dictate. Her telekinetic powers enable her to use weapons that would otherwise be impractical or impossible for a person of her diminutive stature to wield effectively. Known items in this personal arsenal include a Heckler & Koch 9mm MP5K-PDW with sound suppressor and IR targeting laser; an H&K 5.56mm HK33KA3 assault rifle with mountable HK79A1 40mm grenade launcher, M26 shotgun, and other optional attachments; a pair of Rocky Mountain Arms 5.56mm "Patriot Pistols", capable of full automatic fire and equipped with 100 round "double snail" magazines; and a Barrett .50 caliber M500 rifle (heavily modified to permit full automatic fire and accept a 30 round magazine).

When not at leisure, Anastasia typically wears wire framed, round lensed "John Lennon" type tinted glasses containing micro-miniaturized computer and image processing components considered cutting-edge espionage technology in the Space Opera Universe from which they came. The lenses are selectively tintable and can instantly shift to complete opacity in response to dazzling or damaging flashes of light. They are capable of image magnification and stabilization sufficient to allow observation of low Earth orbiting satellites, as well as thermal and near-UV imaging, and color and contrast adjustment. They incorporate a head-up display, sensor beam ranging, and computer multi-processors with wireless datalinks that can work in conjunction with her Standard Superhero Communicator and her Omnicard.

The Omnicard is yet another piece of Space Opera Universe espionage technology. Approximately the weight and dimensions of a typical terrestrial credit card, it is programmable to change its appearance to match that of almost any ID or electronic transaction card desired, down to holograms, magnetic strips, and embossed lettering. Its internal microprocessors and low-powered sensorbeam suite allow it to monitor the operations of any reading device it is swept through or read by. On its first interaction with a system, it will register as defective, while analyzing the system and its interrogation processes. If it recognizes a system, it can apply known codes from an enormous internal database as desired by the user (e.g., "Buzz me into the lab as Dr. Jones", "Charge to John Smith's account", or "Enable maintenance superuser access to this ATM"). It also constantly adds to its database, reading traces from recently scanned magnetic strips, for example. Against an unfamiliar system, or one for which its collected passcode data is limited, it can apply advanced quantum mathematical decryption algorithms with a fairly high likelihood of either "guessing" a useful passcode, or crashing the security system in a useful way. Anastasia's card also has internal TK-operated safeties to keep it from being used by unauthorized parties

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