Ambient Acoustic Imaging

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Ambient Acoustic Imaging (AAI) is a specialized passive sensory system found on the PsiPlane, specifically intended for search and navigation in underwater environments. It processes any ambient sound encountered in a fluid environment, effectively utilizing that "background noise" as a form of active sonar. Even a non-acoustically reflective object can be detected as a localized absence of noise or "acoustic hole". AAI contacts can be depicted visually on standard monitors, though a direct psychic interface is generally used on the PsiPlane. While this system can also be used in non-fluid environments (i.e., in an atmosphere), resolution degrades significantly the poorer the sound-transmission environment.

While not a part of the PsiCorder's basic sensory suite, it can presumably be configured to operate in this mode when required.

AAI-like sensory systems are displayed by certain marine mammals and sightless humans.

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